Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nihao… and better late than never!


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Last week is still a blur but I owe you some recipes!

It’s difficult to guess what the weather and the fresh fruit and vegetable market will be doing a few days in advance at the moment. One day we’re sweltering at 29C then next it’s a chilly 18C.

A guaranteed way to warm us up on a cool night are the delicious and popular POT STICKER DUMPLINGS.

You may have heard me go on about these before but do yourselves a favour and get some gow gee wrappers and make some dumplings, they are delicious! And if you make them yourself you know exactly what goes into them…

If you have some filling left over you can use wonton wrappers and make little wontons to freeze and pop into your next Asian style veggie soup.

We also made the perennial favourite FRIED RICE. Such a simple dish but when done well with lots of veggies, perfect rice and balanced seasoning it’s a very satisfying one wok dish!

The STIR FRIED EGGPLANT AND SNOWPEAS always look scrumptious, glossy vibrant snow peas and smooth eggplant chunks flavoured with a sweet soy sauce, garlic and chilli sauce.

To finish we made simple ALMOND COOKIES. Substituting some of the almond essence with some vanilla for a change. I’ve also made this with pistachio and orange and they are fab.

You can find all the recipes in this previous post about Chinese Cuisine.

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